October 19, 2010

Wedding Albums

Business Stuff: My mother and I have been doing craft fairs for the past 15 years. It is my main source of income and we take it very seriously. We concentrate on quality products, good packaging AND a snazzy display! We also accept credit cards which brings in WAY more money!! Some shows we do everyone accepts credit!...Just some info for you! 
Onto the crafts...

Here are two more samples of pre-made albums. They measure 6" x 18" when opened fully and only use 1 sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock to make!
This one is for the more traditional bride with colors of black, creme, and ivory.
This color combination is the most popular! It really goes with anything...

I try to keep the pages simple to let their pictures really stand out! For the outgoing bride I make...

These albums has lighter colors including pink, blue, silver and white.
I include a large paper clip on most of my albums! I just think they are the neatest thing...
LOVE this paper, and I am not even a girlie girl! 
Mostly tomboy!
And I gave birth to 4 boys...go figure!

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  1. Hi Kathy, I've been looking at all your wonderful things! You are certainly one creative lady, I LOVE how easy you make coloring buttons.. and oh, I can't imagine how awful you felt about your friends garment, but fixing it and learning with rit! I've looked at a few crafting sites, and when I hovered the names in another hub, I saw "Kathy Allen" Um, much to my surprise it wasn't me, although I really thought I had already subscribed lol! I don't see well yet (one more cataract surgery to go) so the icon looked like a photo I had taken of me with my dog as a pup, when that is not the case in the picture! lol!
    I like what you say about the bumper sticker. Mean people suck! Well, in one of my favorite movies, the girl has a bumper sticker that says "Mean people are MEAN" haha, I liked that one too! Anyway, I hope you'll have me, my blogs aren't quite into my crafting yet, but I have a feeling both I can learn A LOT from you :) (I'm highly disorganized lol) and I'd like to make my own crafting blog, as I have MANY things I would like to share. (when I learn some better organizational skills lol) I like you are into paper of all kinds. I have some, and have been getting a bit interested in (for now) the simple, Origami! I've just learned a few so far, and the paper makes a world of difference! I also have quite an array of beads :) and rubberstamps too. Back before the Internet even had a "www" lol (yes I'm old):) I found a crafting bulletin board. Well, I kept seeing RS: insert idea here <- and NOTHING made sense to me because I didn't know what RS meant! But the things the ladies said, they were having games, round robins and such. I knew nothing of it before! So, I finally jumped in and still, from 1990 I have cards we'd created and sent to our circle of friends. I'm going to try and get some snaps of them soon to show off! Anyway, I hope when I get them done, you'll come by and take a look, I'll let you know! For now, thanks for the great site, you're VERY inspirational, and motivational as well! :) Take care, and I'm anxious to see what you'll come up with this Holiday season! Best wishes -Kathy Allen (also):) the email I check most is itsmekat@aol.com if you'll like to say hello! :)


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