October 6, 2010

Test Tube Goodies!

Since most of my craft fairs are held at schools, I always try to do a few "home team" crafts. My next show is home to the Fighting Eagles!
I took empty plastic test tubes and filled them with yummy Jelly Bellys and then decorated the outside. How cute and easy is that...Now, I just happen to live 10 minutes from a candy factory, yes a candy factory, where I can buy almost any color of anything I want. I have put Skittles in these tubes, but M&Ms are too big. Oh, and Sixlets & Nerds also fit...
Here are the tubes empty and boring...
Just waiting for some crafty lady to decorate them up! I can't resist making these, 
and they do sell nicely, too!


  1. Oh, I wanted to do this for my students for Valentines day! Where did you buy the tubes?

  2. I actually do a lot of volunteer work at the schools and I asked the science teacher where they got theirs from. Then she said she would order me some also?!? I think it is a science supply place and not a crafty place. I bought them 2 years ago, how many do you need? I bought a box of them not knowing what I would do with them at the time...typical

  3. I would need about 10 at least.

  4. April,
    Please email me and I will give you the store details. Thanks...kathy


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