March 13, 2011

Slow and lazy Sunday

Today we sat around and did nothin'.
I actually didn't even
get out of my PJ's till 5:00.

So, I showered and then, put on different pajamas!
I just LOVE these kind of days...

OHHH, Amazing Race is on tonight!
Can this day get any better??

Here is a card I made after seeing something like
this ove
r at PTI. I do not remember the
original card maker but
I loved
the black and blue color scheme
the Life stamp set.
Check them out!


March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Stuart!

They say it's your birthday....

Today is my hubby's bday!
At what age are you considered middle aged?
I think we are both there...

This picture was taken after a long day.
Even my hair looks tired!

Since it is Spring Break for the college boys,
and they are home,
we have been having great family dinners.
All 6 of us, back together!
I love you, Family!

March 7, 2011

BrickieFest 2011

Hello my computer friends,
March has arrived...both record cold and warmth!
Crazy weather.

This summer is our 25 year class reunion. 25 Years!
(I truly feel as though it was only a few years ago,
even though my 2 oldest graduated from high school as well.)

I am a member of the newly formed Hobart High School Alumni Association.
We are planning a kick-off celebration this summer called "BrickieFest 2011"
It is an all-class reunion and past graduates and staff are welcome!
The Alumni Association will be raising funds for the scholarships
and grants we plan on giving out next year.

So all you "Brickies" out there,
plan on being in town the weekend of July 30th.
"once a Brickie, always a Brickie!"

March 2, 2011

All about me today

OK, sometimes when you are driving for hours
in a car, you get a bit wacky!
Here is a pic I took of myself, with the video camera!
(Remember, the creepy guy broke into
my car and STOLE my camera) ARG

Anyhoo-Here are some interesting, maybe weird, things about ME!

1.I am addicted to Chap Stick. No really, I am.
Must have it at ALL times. Even in bed.

2. I bite my nails! Maybe I was a rabbit in a former life and feel I
must grind down the front teeth by chewing on something...who knows?

3. I only own 2 pairs of high heeled shoes...Just 2, black and brown

4. Speakin' of feet, I had bunion surgery when I was 23.

5. Speakin' of surgeries, I have had 8 or 9 that I can
think of right off the bat.

I am the $600,00 woman.
(You know, instead of the 6 million dollar woman)

6. I LOVE the Amazing Race (Go Cowboys) and Survivor,
Law & Order SVU,

Medium and of course,
Hoarders-Buried Alive!

7. I am convinced I have psychic abilities.
Can't prove it,

but I know it's true!

8. I have all my teeth. All 32. I have a big mouth.
(See Above picture)

9. I have never: had braces, plucked an eyebrow,
had a facial, had a mani/pedi...

10. Halloween is my favorite holiday!
I also love Zombies.

11. I got married when I was 20 years old,
and we're still married!

That's my about me for 2011!
Gotta go craft

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