April 29, 2011

More Digital Kits!

Hello all,

I have had the worst cold/sinus infection ever!
Who gets sick in the Spring?? Obviously, me...

Onto some crafty goodness...
Since I just stayed on the couch for days,
I had plenty of time to cruise the internet.
I found the greatest site!

Summertime Designs!

You can find the most fantastic digital kits for FREE!
That's right, FREE!
Plenty of kits to choose from, too.

As you may know, I am a beginner on using the computer.
(I recently discovered downloading and
actually installing, are different things)
Pathetic, I know.

But I can get creative with these digital kits using Microsoft Word!
Just insert picture from file. If I can do it ,so can YOU!

Now, I also have a few other programs I use for creating digi cuteness.
I sometimes use Memory Mixers, or Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook
Designer. Both are VERY easy to use as well.
Check them out and give it a try!

April 12, 2011

The Teenage Brain

Good Evening, readers!

I saw this somewhere and thought it was sooo perfect!
Here is a cute picture showing the TEENAGE BRAIN!

Check out the areas for "memory" and "judgement" !
Son #3 just turned 16 and son #4 is 14.
Yep, we have two teenagers in the house.

When things get crazy, I try to remember
they are under the influence of hormones!

And since I am also in hormonal upheaval, some
days are very interesting....
Yelling, crying, door slamming...
and all that happens before the kids even get
home from school!

he he he.
Take Care!

April 11, 2011

Baby Picture Frame

Hello friends and family and followers!

Can you believe LIFE got in the way of me blogging about MY life??
It is sooo true...Just got busy and remember,
I am creative, but not very organized!

Here is a project I did as a present for my little sis and her one year old baby.
Happy B-Day little leprechaun!

Each compartment/opening can hold a 4x6 photo.
I decided to decorate only 3 of the openings.
(This way she can put in whatever pics she wants!)

I used a variety of stamps, punches and papers to fill each opening. Lots of embellishments, too! I bought this frame @ Hobby Lobby.

And here is the full view...

And now the final project!

BTW, I think she did a great job coordinating the
picture colors to the frame!

(It really looked way better than I could have imagined!)

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