February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Card

Good Evening Friends,
We are getting crazy weather here!
It was raining and believe it or not...
we had thunder AND lightning!
In the middle of winter!

Here is a B-day card I made last night when I got
bored with the Oscars.
Yawn..It was kinda boring, admit it!

The papers are from Studio 8, but they have since
gone out of business.
OOOHHHH, can you believe I am actually
using papers from a long gone company!
I really liked them..so sad

Here is a close-up of the sentiment stamp from PTI.
It does look better in person, not so close.
Next we have the cute ribbon tab. I just love this ribbon!!

I actually bought the twine at the Dollar store!

February 26, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Hello followers,
We are actually at home this weekend...
We still had 3 indoor soccer games though.
Oh, to be the mother of boys...

I thought I would post some pics from the latest snowstorm.

Poor SUSHI girl...sitting in the snow!
Who am I kidding-She loves the snow.
Most akitas do!
BONZAI also loves the snow...Sometimes he has to be carried inside!

Yes, we own 2 Japanese Akitas names Sushi & Bonzai...he he he
I LOVE my furry babies.

I also love living in an area where we experience all 4 seasons!
Sometimes in one day!



February 23, 2011

2 Story Garage!!

Happy Hump day!
I just love Wednesdays! Always have!

This past weekend, the hubby and I drove to see
#1 son run at an indoor track meet.
Along the 3 hour drive I saw the cutest one
car garage/shed for sale!

(We actually have 2 garages.)
A newer 2.5 car garage which is full of cars and other crap.
And an old one car garage built from huge bricks.
It is in really bad shape. Just good for storing more crap!
Actually, we have a lot of our halloween decor in there.

Anyhow, the hubby said we can't tear that one down and
rebuild a new one UNTIL we can find a one car
garage with a high pitch roof to match the rest of
the house and other garage. YIPPEE!

I made him pull over and we went inside.
It is just perfect! It comes as a kit and they
assemble it on site!
Here is a video of my dream garage/shed.

Now, my plan all along is to take over that new
garage/shed for myself!!
I will call it "Craftopia" or maybe "Scrap-gra La"!
Seriously, I would take all my crafts, paints, wood, etc. and
cram it all in to that place. Then it wouldn't spill over
into the living areas of the house....

Oh to dream...I need to win the lottery!
P.S. Isn't my hubby handsome?!? I am so lucky!!

P.P.S. This is my first blog video!!

February 21, 2011

Blog design tutorials

Hello readers,
A quick post today...I have another funeral to go to.
The 4th one this month! Whew.

I have been working on a new look for my blog.
I wanted to try and beautify it myself...
(I am like that. I try to do it myself, even if I'm clueless!)

I thought you might also benefit from
the great tutorials I used.

Here are my favs-in no particular order!
These tutorials are FREE and if I
can figure them out...anyone can.

Mary is very helpful and the tutorials are super easy to follow!
She also offers inexpensive design work.

Cat's idea was to "spill the beans" on the secrets of
building your own site.
No more trade secrets here!
Her tutorials are also easy to follow
and she has a lot of variety.

This is a personal family blog, that
includes design tutorials. Cute site and
easy to understand directions.

This site has a long list of
tutorials, submitted by their readers.
The site itself is a little too cluttered for me,
but great ideas.


February 16, 2011

Good to be back...for now

Wow, what a crazy winter so far!
We all survived "snowpocalypse 2011"!
We did lose power and were snowed in for a few days,
BUT it is supposed to be near 60 tomorrow so it will be
gone by the evening. It will also be a
a melting, muddy mess...

I haven't crafted lately, but here's what's new.

1. Big "J" was officially accepted into Med School
2. Nathan turned 20! I can't believe it...
3. Cut 4+" off my hair. It is pretty short now and I am totally diggin' it.
4. I am 80% done with the craft room cleaning.
I have a scrapbooking retreat next month and I am busy getting my inventory ready.
We are one of the vendors and I like to bring a wide variety of goodies from my stash.
I will post pics tomorrow...

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