June 30, 2010

Time Off

Sorry for the delay in new postings, but we had a death in the family and everything kinda gets put on hold. Here are a few pics of summer fun from the past! See you after the 4th!!

I just LOVE my boys!!

June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day card

Ok, I know the day has passed but I thought I would show how easy it is to make 2 cards from one 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of cardstock. I opened a new document in Microsoft word and used the landscape option. I then choose my font, and added two text boxes near the bottom of the page. (I used the ruler to determine about where the middle would be) Type in the text, add drop shadows if desired, then print.

This is what you will have (minus my GUIDELINES) of course! CUT along the solid line, you now have 2 pieces measuring 51/2 " wide X 81/2" tall. FOLD each piece in half  at 41/4"(dashed mark). I folded this particular card so the text is facing the front. I then added the striped paper and embellishments! Hope this explains it! Any questions, just contact me! Enjoy!

June 18, 2010

DAD album

  It is that time of year again to honor those men in our lives. Bravo men! Way to go! Aren't the new generation of fathers fantastic, no more "woman's work" and "I do not change diapers!" Maybe it's not a generational thing, maybe it's just MY HUBBY!! I am spoiled, I know...
This is for all the daddies out there. Imagine giving this to your husband full of pictures of him and the little ones. So cute! The blanks are from Pinecone Press, (I will have them on my Etsy shop soon) and the papers are from Scrap within Reach.
Working with the blanks are great because they are so versatile! Do you want a pocket,or a hinged page? The albums can change looks even though you are using the same blanks!

June 15, 2010


As I look at some of my photos I am soooo angry! I had a great camera that was stolen by a creepie who broke into my car. The car was packed and ready to go for an early morning event... I didn't want to forget anything so I packed it the night before. Mistake. The very skinny creepie crawled thru the window and helped himself to MY stuff!! He also stole my phone, which is how I tracked him down and got him sent to jail for 7 months. You do NOT want to take a scrappers' camera. Anyhow, I don't have a camera yet so I take still photos with my handycam. Not bad but just not as good...

BAKERS TWINE!! from The Twinery

I can't remember being sooo excited about a new product BUT I am. Here are the cones filled with yards and yards of colorful twine. I may have to rethink my entire packaging because of this twine!?

 Is it the fresh & bold colors that are making me giddy?? I have a card idea in my mind and can't wait for JULY!! Check them out http://www.thetwineryblog.blogspot.com/.

Bakers twine!

I am soooo excited. I will be getting bakers twine in fantastic new colors. Forget the black and brown, how about lemony yellow, sherbert orange even aqua! I can not wait. Looks like twine will be on all my projects! Pictures to come later...

June 13, 2010

Friends Card

Don't we all have wonderful friends living hours or maybe even days away? It is so nice to just drop by the house for a quick hello....not so easy, if they now live in another state. This card would be perfect for just that friend. Pattern paper is from Luxe Designs and the text I did myself on Word. Cardstock is Bazzill and the ink was brown.

June 12, 2010

I thought I would show some of my storage units I use. They are from Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Wal-Mart. I have an entire wall full of them and it reaches nearly 6 feet tall! Way too much I know...I have the papers sorted by theme and by designer, I am not sure why but it works for me. I am not a very organized person but these plastic containers work just great!!

PLUS, you can take along each individual drawer wherever you go because they snap shut! Perfect for retreats...

Here is my shelf right above my work/computer station. Messy perhaps but the name of the game is ORGANIZED CLUTTER; right?!

This metal rack I bought when a LSS went out of business. I keep my newest papers here, so I know what I have bought recently! I wish I had a large studio where I could spread out and have different areas for stamping, die-cutting, paints, etc. To dream...

June 11, 2010


           Ah, with summer in full swing, I had some time to try and organize my photos. This was taken 2 years ago at a local pizza joint, Mr. T's. It makes me giggle still...We are Family!

June 9, 2010

Congrats Graduates!

      It is that time of year again. Open houses! Here is a card I created. The bottom text is a free font I downloaded off of KevinandAmanda.com. They have tons of free fonts and scrappy ideas. Check them out! You can not tell, but the top portion of the card is raised with pop dots for some dimension. Don't know who made that paper. Don't get stung by a bee!

June 8, 2010

Shrek and a movie

        It is an Allen family tradition! Every year we go to the drive-in on Memorial Day weekend. Plenty of bug spray and CANDY!! We saw Shrek and the new Robin Hood (not so good). I just love the DRIVE-IN. We had 2 people still on crutches so we had to adjust the seating some...Tell a good joke today!

June 6, 2010

Craft Show Display

SCHOOL IS OUT!! YIPPEE!! Now to just relax for the summer.....I thought I would show a few pics of our craft show display. We keep one sample out and the others are bagged and kept "fresh"...he he he. It does take a while to set up but it looks great when finished!! Watch out for paper cuts!
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