October 20, 2010

Custom Color Buttons-done by you!

Business stuff  first: When we first started doing craft fairs our product was personalized wood signs and ornaments. We didn't have to worry about great packaging because it was wood and sealed for the outdoors! About 8 years ago we shifted to paper crafts, mainly personalized scrapbooks, mini scrapbooks, and kits. Some shows we do are outside and paper and HUMIDITY do not mix.
         So we hunted for sealed packaging but clear so the albums show thru...Clear cello bags are the way to go. Most of our packaging supplies are bought at U-Line. 
They sell boxes, clear bags, glassine bags and more!
Here is ONE of my containers holding the bags. (I have 3)
Another source for clear bags is Cello bags.

Now, onto some real crafting and cooking?!?

 I love Buttons!! The different sizes and plastics and colors....But sometimes you need just the right shade of a certain color. I have the answer! (The first time I did this was purely by accident!I had borrowed a friends red blouse and when I washed it, the detergent left a stain!! I was horrified! I knew about RIT dye because of tie-dying and I hoped it would work. It covered the stain but also colored the white plastic buttons red! She never knew anything had happened to her shirt even when I fessed up to the mistake)
AH HAAA! If  a washing machine can do that so can I. On the stove! Here is the scoop...

I use liquid RIT dye.
  1. Pour the desired amount (I never measure) maybe 3 tablespoons and 2 cups of water in a pot
     This pot should be for CRAFTS only, not for food cooking later!
  2.  Add the buttons, the water should cover the buttons completely.
  3. Cook on low/med heat, stirring as it heats up. It is the heat that colors the buttons and it happens fast so watch the color. There is also an odor so please use a fan or open a window or something... Takes maybe 5-7 minutes!
  4. Rinse newly colored buttons until water runs clear
  5. I then put them in a large soccer sock, tie the end and put them in the dryer on low heat. I am not a patient person, but you can let them air dry or even sun dry.
That is it! Super simple really. The hardest part is finding light colored buttons. You can also visit the RIT dye website for more ideas. They even have a color mixing chart...very helpful!
Have fun cooking up some buttons!

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