December 29, 2010

New Header!

The new header is finished and installed!!! Or let's just hope it is...
Well, what do you think? I can't even tell you the hours and emails I wrote to accomplish this!
I am way better at creating with actual supplies...not digital ones.
I can digi scrap though...just the computer stuff I am clueless about!
More new bloggy stuff on the way...

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and
Happy Festivus for the rest of us!!

We have all opened presents and now we move onto the feats of strength!
(Wasn't Seinfeld great!)

Seriously though, our bellies are full, and the boys are building Lego cities and having Nerf warfare!
And to think I was never going to buy guns for my boys! Ha. That was before I actually had boys and found out they make guns and knives out of everything...
It is so true...Sticks, rocks and even grilled cheese sandwiches. 
Yep, #2 son actually ate his sandwich in the form of a handgun. Quite creative, no? 

Happy times and great memories!! Enjoy the day and hug your loved ones!

P.S. I have been creating so many paper and ribbon roses...I can't stop...

December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas...Almost!

Welcome my blog followers,
I hope you are all snug as a bug! It is quite blistery these days.
That wind goes right to the bone....

Here are some holiday goodies I have been working on...
Most people just LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. They are so easy to make!
I used almond bark (vanilla or chocolate) and the pretzel rods for these yummies.
The secret to almond bark is to cook it very, very slowly, on LOW heat! (You can also microwave it but I haven't tried that for a big batch yet.)
I break it into smaller chunks and start the cooking!
Remember-LOW HEAT!

Next, I added peppermint oil, NOT extract, to the melted almond bark. 
It has to be an oil based flavoring or it won't set up.
The next step is to dip away!
You can dip pretzels, cookies, candy canes, brownie bites,
you can dump the melted goop over popcorn, cereal, smaller pretzels, candy etc...

I often go a little crazy with this stuff! ( I have even made purple and gold covered popcorn for a school bake sale) Purple popcorn??? It sold out!

After you dip, then you decorate!
I sprinkled them with crushed peppermint candies and placed them on wax paper to cool.
This batch was chocolate with creme de menthe bits! YUMMY!
I sprinkle some on the wax paper before I lay the next ones down to get some on the "backside"
All individually packaged for gift giving!
Each brown bag contained 4 different flavors.

Out the door to deliver my goodies...

Thank you Stephanie for the quote!
 The cute heart stamps are from a new set of PTI stamps! 
I may have a new favorite stamp set!

I also have been working on paper and ribbon roses! So easy to make...

December 21, 2010

More premade albums...or just one!

Hello friends and family,
Here is another Christmas album I wanted to share...

This is an accordion fold album and sells for $12.
The lady in the background cracks me up! (I didn't see her when I took these...)

This is a view of the other side. Plenty of cute embellishments! 
I like using metals, pins, staples, clips, etc. in my projects...AND do not forget the punches!
The tag is a punch and so is the reindeer! You can't see it but his nose is covered in red glitter.
So cute!

I need to make chocolate covered pretzels...Pictures will go up tomorrow!
Have a great evening!

December 18, 2010

Do More...

Hello friends, family and lurkers!
Yikes, it's almost Christmas!

That means the last minute scramble to wrap presents, clean house and clean the craft rooms! UGH!
Maybe the last one can wait till January...or February...he he he
 Plus, Big "J" is coming home for the holiday break!!! 
All 6 of us again, living in one house, even for a little while.

On to the title of this post! There is one blog I visit often and it is usually the first one I go to! I am not a huge computer person and do not spend hours on it like others do, but this site is worth the time!    

She does amazing doodles, some people are so freakin' talented! Here is one to chew on:
Yes, it says DO MORE...But more of the good stuff, the kind of things that matter.  
Sometimes in life , we need a reminder of what to do...

Have a great holiday and hug your friends and family!

December 15, 2010

Pre made Baby Girl Album

Yes, I know I have been gone for some time now...but I am back!!!

I met some of the most wonderful ladies this season at my shows!
You ladies rock!!

Here are some pictures to show the insides of my Tell Me About Me  baby albums. 
This album can be used the entire first year!
This is a little different baby album. It includes a journaling story, along with photos. 
No baby height, weight stuff in this album!
It is made using the Maya Road 6 " chipboard binder. 
I just love working with Maya Road chipboard!
 The first page says, "tell me about the day I was born..."
There is plenty of space to write your memory of that day and the next page is for the cute picture!
 Tell me who I look like...
Tell me about my favorite foods...
Isn't that tooth die cut just the cutest!
Tell me about my favorite toys...

This is the last page of the album, ending with the first steps!!
I know my boys liked to hear their own "stories"...maybe yours will too!

Drink some hot cocoa with marshmallows , it is the best!

December 9, 2010

Band Aid Tin

Welcome Kathy, what nice comments you leave!

Here is a quick post featuring a cute and easy gift card holder.

I covered the tin with patterned paper using double sided stick tape.
Then I added a strip of torn edge green cardstock. The text is a rub-on, 
I don't remember who makes it.
Next up comes a strip of green ribbon added to give the tin a bit more texture.
I then added a ponsettia flower with a brad pushed thru the center. 
Stickles gives the sparkle to the flowers.
Lastly, I tied some cute ribbons to the handle.

So cute and easy to do!

December 8, 2010

Just touching base

Hello friends,
I hope all is well with you!

The craft show season is almost done!! I am exhausted...
It was neat to meet some of my readers in person...

New and exciting things are happening behind the scenes at my blog. I will be getting a blog facelift and will soon be showing videos!! I can't wait...
Stay warm!

December 2, 2010

Has it froze yet??

Yes, I am finally back with a new post...
Shocking isn't it...

I got rid of my favorite green background because it was hard for some people to read the blog...BUT it is still my fav color, that and red!!

Here are some pictures of our craft fair display at the Marmion Academy craft fair.
It went well but the last day was DEAD...Plus we were down a hallway and up some stairs hidden in a classroom. At least the shoppers who managed to find us were buying!
Here are some of our Holiday albums. The samples are above in clear front shelves with the product hanging below, all bagged up in clear cello bags to keep them "fresh". He he he, not really. It does keep them protected from the elements and sticky fingers!
 A close-up of some of our albums...
These are products hanging on our new rotating rack! LOVE this.
Here is our family section. We really have dozens of different themes and hundreds of albums.
We have been very, very busy!

Our next show is @
Munster High School
Dec. 4 & 5th

Hope to see some of my locals there!!!
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