October 16, 2010

Conference for Cross Country

Soccer is finally over, YAY, and so is cross country...boo! Collin was seeded 5th and
ran a great race!
He finished 2nd!! Whooo Hooo!! He worked so hard this season.
(In spite of having terrible coaches.)
He runs like the wind!!
While waiting for the meet to start I, noticed some pretty cool things..
The colors of nature are absolutely amazing...and

We are surrounded by creatures...just take the time to look. The top pic has a full grown frog with only his eyes and mouth sticking out.  Can you find him? The bottom pic shows smaller, lighter frogs catching some rays on top of the algea or moss or lichen or whatever?!? I had to be very quiet and zoom in all the way to catch them above the water. 
Go for a walk outside and see what you can find!

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