October 22, 2010

Gingerbread Man

Business stuff: Our display includes wooden shelving units, plastic tables and plenty of baskets and wooden crates. We only use black table coverings because it really makes your product stand out!
We also wear matching, monogrammed shirts with black aprons. It was fairly easy to switch our display from selling wood crafts to selling paper crafts. We just needed to purchase 4" metal hooks and clear front shelves to hold our pre-made albums. 
All of our items are stored in hanging cello bags. And when we run out of metal hooks we just use the good 'ol clothespins! They are strong enough to hold up the albums and can spread wide enough to fit on the slats. On to the crafting...
 Remember the post about the gingerbread men I made using the new punch I bought.
Here is the finished product!
Isn't he adorable? Dimensional paint is used for the icing and I did hid eyes with a stylus dipped in paint...He is mounted onto a covered clothespin. Maybe I will clip him to a candle or use him as a fridge magnet OR maybe I will string him and some friends along some red bakers twine to hold our Christmas cards!! We'll see...

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