August 31, 2010

Garden Goodies

This is our very first garden. It may sound silly but we were so excited when the first veggies appeared! I wish we had more room and more knowledge about what to plant and when BUT I have all winter to research..Here are some of the picks of the veggie patch...stuffed peppers anyone??
Happy gardening!!

August 30, 2010

Sneak Peek!

I always start my craft show season in September and it's almost here! It is too hot (96) still to think of falling temps and leaves, let alone snow but  the craft show season beckons...Here is a little peek into my gingerbread men. I never make just one of anything. Don't they look so cute all scattered on my table? More finished pics later!
I used a new EK punch, (Jo-Ann's) then added rosy cheeks with a stencil brush and deep red craft paint. Then I painted "frosting" with white dimensional paint. The dimensional paint comes with a fine tip on the end, perfect for drawing squiggly lines. Next will come eyes and vintage buttons. Cookies anyone??

August 29, 2010

Wabash Alumni Run 2010

I can't believe this is big J's last year at WABASH. He took advantage of his school and dove head first into his studies and the ole' college life. He has made wonderful friends, or brothers I should say, that will last his lifetime. What a great group of young men! Wabash is a small, private, ALL MALE school in Crawfordville, IN. If you have a highly motivated son who enjoys a challenge, then Wabash is your school.
              Big J is a captain for the CC team and they had the alumni run this weekend. Actually, the hubby and younger bro Collin ran the race also. I just sat and cheered, and took video.
Kick it in, Justin!
Run Collin Run!!

Bringing up the rear is the hubby. Good race everyone....maybe I will do it next year.....or not!

August 25, 2010

Back To School

Can you believe school is in session. Where did the summer go? I have to shop for supplies, very specific supplies. Everything now has to be color coded, blue pocket folder and blue stretchy book cover. etc. How come they do not use the paper grocery bags like we did? Those were the best! Cheap and you were recycling...Times have changed.I am working on some cute projects and as soon as I find the charger for my camera I will post those pictures!!   Thank a teacher for all their hard work!  

August 15, 2010

Baby Love, Again

More babies on the brain! I can't help "baby" is turning 14 this week. Check out this cute photo of my newest nephew...ADORABLE!!!
Can you even stand how cute he is!!! Enough of babies, on to crafting....

August 13, 2010

Fall is approaching

I was shopping at a local craft store and the Christmas trees were out and decorated!! Did we just completely pass over FALL?? What about trick-or-treating, colorful leaves, and taffy apples!!! My B-day is in the fall, so naturally it is a fun time for me...Plus it starts the holiday season. Here are a few pre-mades for fall:
This is made from 4x4" chipboard. So easy and I love the little leaf punches...
Here is a pre-made my mother did...I feel like some candy!


August 9, 2010

Our trip to Maryland

Summer is great for those family visits, aren't they? We were missing our oldest this summer because he was in Maryland at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center for an internship about crabs and mangroves. He has been gone the ENTIRE summer....Boo Hoo, I know. SO, we hopped in the car and drove the 13 hours to see him! We went to D.C., saw my brother and his wife and even got in some fishing!! Justin looked great, except the hair. I prefer a shorter do' for him...

Notice the shirt!!! he he he

Apparently, when you catch crabs in Maryland, you KEEP them!! P.S. we did not!

This cracked us up!! We were in the middle of a forest basically, with a few buildings scattered about. Here is a properly bolted gate to keep out the riff raff! The only problem....Look below

The gate is not attached to any fencing!!! The criminals can just walk AROUND the bolted gate!! So funny!!
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