September 22, 2010

Cross Country and MORE Cross Country!!

Out of our four boys, two are cross country runners. Or, I guess I should say are distance runners. The oldest runs for Wabash college and the youngest for the middle school. Both boys are having a FANTASTIC season so far! All of the training and miles logged in have really paid off!
This is a far shot of the teams lined up before the gun goes off! It is an amazing site to see...hundreds of runners pounding the ground at the same time! It reminds me of a horse stampede. This race was at Purdue and Wabash won the Little State Division!!! 
Great job Red Pack!!
Big "J" is in the red and white uniform with the bandanna!!!
Here is Collin running the home course. He uses only one strategy-run as fast as he can! He is quite a competitor on the course! I LOVE to watch them both run!!
This one was taken Monday at an away meet and he finished almost 1 minute ahead of the rest of the runners!! This is a tough sport, both mentally and physically so kudos to those cross country
runners everywhere!! BTW, tonight we are going to an awards ceremony for Nathan at Columbia College. He is being inducted in the college version of their Honor Society. Maybe he will be elected president of the society, like he was in High School!?!
My boys make me so proud!!

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