February 21, 2011

Blog design tutorials

Hello readers,
A quick post today...I have another funeral to go to.
The 4th one this month! Whew.

I have been working on a new look for my blog.
I wanted to try and beautify it myself...
(I am like that. I try to do it myself, even if I'm clueless!)

I thought you might also benefit from
the great tutorials I used.

Here are my favs-in no particular order!
These tutorials are FREE and if I
can figure them out...anyone can.

Mary is very helpful and the tutorials are super easy to follow!
She also offers inexpensive design work.

Cat's idea was to "spill the beans" on the secrets of
building your own site.
No more trade secrets here!
Her tutorials are also easy to follow
and she has a lot of variety.

This is a personal family blog, that
includes design tutorials. Cute site and
easy to understand directions.

This site has a long list of
tutorials, submitted by their readers.
The site itself is a little too cluttered for me,
but great ideas.


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