March 2, 2011

All about me today

OK, sometimes when you are driving for hours
in a car, you get a bit wacky!
Here is a pic I took of myself, with the video camera!
(Remember, the creepy guy broke into
my car and STOLE my camera) ARG

Anyhoo-Here are some interesting, maybe weird, things about ME!

1.I am addicted to Chap Stick. No really, I am.
Must have it at ALL times. Even in bed.

2. I bite my nails! Maybe I was a rabbit in a former life and feel I
must grind down the front teeth by chewing on something...who knows?

3. I only own 2 pairs of high heeled shoes...Just 2, black and brown

4. Speakin' of feet, I had bunion surgery when I was 23.

5. Speakin' of surgeries, I have had 8 or 9 that I can
think of right off the bat.

I am the $600,00 woman.
(You know, instead of the 6 million dollar woman)

6. I LOVE the Amazing Race (Go Cowboys) and Survivor,
Law & Order SVU,

Medium and of course,
Hoarders-Buried Alive!

7. I am convinced I have psychic abilities.
Can't prove it,

but I know it's true!

8. I have all my teeth. All 32. I have a big mouth.
(See Above picture)

9. I have never: had braces, plucked an eyebrow,
had a facial, had a mani/pedi...

10. Halloween is my favorite holiday!
I also love Zombies.

11. I got married when I was 20 years old,
and we're still married!

That's my about me for 2011!
Gotta go craft


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