March 7, 2011

BrickieFest 2011

Hello my computer friends,
March has arrived...both record cold and warmth!
Crazy weather.

This summer is our 25 year class reunion. 25 Years!
(I truly feel as though it was only a few years ago,
even though my 2 oldest graduated from high school as well.)

I am a member of the newly formed Hobart High School Alumni Association.
We are planning a kick-off celebration this summer called "BrickieFest 2011"
It is an all-class reunion and past graduates and staff are welcome!
The Alumni Association will be raising funds for the scholarships
and grants we plan on giving out next year.

So all you "Brickies" out there,
plan on being in town the weekend of July 30th.
"once a Brickie, always a Brickie!"

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