December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas...Almost!

Welcome my blog followers,
I hope you are all snug as a bug! It is quite blistery these days.
That wind goes right to the bone....

Here are some holiday goodies I have been working on...
Most people just LOVE chocolate covered pretzels. They are so easy to make!
I used almond bark (vanilla or chocolate) and the pretzel rods for these yummies.
The secret to almond bark is to cook it very, very slowly, on LOW heat! (You can also microwave it but I haven't tried that for a big batch yet.)
I break it into smaller chunks and start the cooking!
Remember-LOW HEAT!

Next, I added peppermint oil, NOT extract, to the melted almond bark. 
It has to be an oil based flavoring or it won't set up.
The next step is to dip away!
You can dip pretzels, cookies, candy canes, brownie bites,
you can dump the melted goop over popcorn, cereal, smaller pretzels, candy etc...

I often go a little crazy with this stuff! ( I have even made purple and gold covered popcorn for a school bake sale) Purple popcorn??? It sold out!

After you dip, then you decorate!
I sprinkled them with crushed peppermint candies and placed them on wax paper to cool.
This batch was chocolate with creme de menthe bits! YUMMY!
I sprinkle some on the wax paper before I lay the next ones down to get some on the "backside"
All individually packaged for gift giving!
Each brown bag contained 4 different flavors.

Out the door to deliver my goodies...

Thank you Stephanie for the quote!
 The cute heart stamps are from a new set of PTI stamps! 
I may have a new favorite stamp set!

I also have been working on paper and ribbon roses! So easy to make...

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