December 18, 2010

Do More...

Hello friends, family and lurkers!
Yikes, it's almost Christmas!

That means the last minute scramble to wrap presents, clean house and clean the craft rooms! UGH!
Maybe the last one can wait till January...or February...he he he
 Plus, Big "J" is coming home for the holiday break!!! 
All 6 of us again, living in one house, even for a little while.

On to the title of this post! There is one blog I visit often and it is usually the first one I go to! I am not a huge computer person and do not spend hours on it like others do, but this site is worth the time!    

She does amazing doodles, some people are so freakin' talented! Here is one to chew on:
Yes, it says DO MORE...But more of the good stuff, the kind of things that matter.  
Sometimes in life , we need a reminder of what to do...

Have a great holiday and hug your friends and family!

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