June 18, 2010

DAD album

  It is that time of year again to honor those men in our lives. Bravo men! Way to go! Aren't the new generation of fathers fantastic, no more "woman's work" and "I do not change diapers!" Maybe it's not a generational thing, maybe it's just MY HUBBY!! I am spoiled, I know...
This is for all the daddies out there. Imagine giving this to your husband full of pictures of him and the little ones. So cute! The blanks are from Pinecone Press, (I will have them on my Etsy shop soon) and the papers are from Scrap within Reach.
Working with the blanks are great because they are so versatile! Do you want a pocket,or a hinged page? The albums can change looks even though you are using the same blanks!

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