October 28, 2010

Costume Contest Winner!

Halloween is the perfect time for a crafty gal like myself! We have NEVER bought a store costume, I have always scrounged up something unique with supplies here at the house. Now that the boys are older they tell me what they would like to be! Collin is obviously stuck in the "box" phase. This year he went to the dance as a Tic Tac container!

 I would just like to add how hard it was to find plastic Easter eggs in October! I had a huge rummage last spring and got rid of most of mine...The Tic Tacs are eggs covered in green duck tape. The plastic container is a storage container we got at Wally World.

I removed the lid and duck taped a piece of poster board to the container. I left about 4" from the bottom to leave room for the eggs. I also cut it about 3" too short from the top so I could fit in the eggs...I mean Tic Tacs! White duck tape was used to make the top and the opening. I punched 4 holes and tied 1/12" elastic trim to hold it to his body. They criss cross in the back so Collin could easily slip in and out! As always, the costume won FIRST PLACE!!

On another note, here are some pics of my newest nephew.
He is also in costume. 
He is a pumpkin. 
I mean in a pumpkin!!
Doesn't the look on his face say it all!!! I laughed so hard I was crying...


  1. that is so adorable!

  2. I found your blog by searching for duck tape creations. My daughter is VERY into making things with duck tape lately and I was helping her look for ideas. That costume is 100% AMAZING! Very, very clever!!!


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