August 29, 2010

Wabash Alumni Run 2010

I can't believe this is big J's last year at WABASH. He took advantage of his school and dove head first into his studies and the ole' college life. He has made wonderful friends, or brothers I should say, that will last his lifetime. What a great group of young men! Wabash is a small, private, ALL MALE school in Crawfordville, IN. If you have a highly motivated son who enjoys a challenge, then Wabash is your school.
              Big J is a captain for the CC team and they had the alumni run this weekend. Actually, the hubby and younger bro Collin ran the race also. I just sat and cheered, and took video.
Kick it in, Justin!
Run Collin Run!!

Bringing up the rear is the hubby. Good race everyone....maybe I will do it next year.....or not!

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