August 9, 2010

Our trip to Maryland

Summer is great for those family visits, aren't they? We were missing our oldest this summer because he was in Maryland at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center for an internship about crabs and mangroves. He has been gone the ENTIRE summer....Boo Hoo, I know. SO, we hopped in the car and drove the 13 hours to see him! We went to D.C., saw my brother and his wife and even got in some fishing!! Justin looked great, except the hair. I prefer a shorter do' for him...

Notice the shirt!!! he he he

Apparently, when you catch crabs in Maryland, you KEEP them!! P.S. we did not!

This cracked us up!! We were in the middle of a forest basically, with a few buildings scattered about. Here is a properly bolted gate to keep out the riff raff! The only problem....Look below

The gate is not attached to any fencing!!! The criminals can just walk AROUND the bolted gate!! So funny!!

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