January 20, 2012

The Great, Bad, and the Ugly...

That described my day so far...
GREAT beginning, bad ending...

My morning Zumba Gold class was a blast!
Almost 40 people this time, including 3 men.
Here are the ones who wanted to be in the picture!!
I just love this gang!!

And then it all turned bad-

I came home and our 9 year-old akita, Sushi,
was in the kitchen covered in blood.
I mean COVERED, it was pouring
from her nose and mouth.
(She was sneezing and spraying it everywhere.)

I knew she was in trouble by the amount of blood on the floor.
I rushed her to the vets in a panic.
She was put on IVs and given blood.
Apparently, a tumor had been growing in
her sinus cavity and it burst...hence the blood.

She is stable now, but her future is unclear...

Hang in there Sushi Girl!!
An old picture of Sushi watching
over her puppies. Good momma...
She is a great dog and gives fantastic kisses!
I'll post when we know more.

(Did I mention it happened during a snow storm?)

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