December 9, 2011

Sweet candied jalapenos!

The craft shows have been fantastic!
I have had a lot of positive feedback...thanks

Jalapeno canning time!
We had sooo many peppers this year
it was CRAZY! We ate jalapenos in everything...

SO, I made candied jalapenos with red peppers. YUM
Note the plastic gloves...
Very important when working with hot peppers!
It took a few hours to slice 4 pounds of jalapenos!
Here are the sliced peppers cooking in the syrup.
(The syrup is made of 1 cup apple cider vinegar
and 6 cups sugar.) This cooks for 5 minutes.
I used a slotted spoon to put the peppers in the itty bitty jars.

I then cooked the syrup till boiling for 7 minutes

and poured that over the peppers in the jars.
Into the water bath they go!
I think that "POP" of the lid is the neatest sound.

Candied jalapenos, anyone??
P.S. These are great over hamburgers!!

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