April 29, 2011

More Digital Kits!

Hello all,

I have had the worst cold/sinus infection ever!
Who gets sick in the Spring?? Obviously, me...

Onto some crafty goodness...
Since I just stayed on the couch for days,
I had plenty of time to cruise the internet.
I found the greatest site!

Summertime Designs!

You can find the most fantastic digital kits for FREE!
That's right, FREE!
Plenty of kits to choose from, too.

As you may know, I am a beginner on using the computer.
(I recently discovered downloading and
actually installing, are different things)
Pathetic, I know.

But I can get creative with these digital kits using Microsoft Word!
Just insert picture from file. If I can do it ,so can YOU!

Now, I also have a few other programs I use for creating digi cuteness.
I sometimes use Memory Mixers, or Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook
Designer. Both are VERY easy to use as well.
Check them out and give it a try!

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