January 4, 2011

Cleaning the craft room!!

UGH! I dread the "after the season" craft room clean-up...Nothing is in it's place and each year it is the same thing. I can't seem to put stuff away as I go...must be a quirk of mine!

I have gotten some emails about the new header and divider! Thank you, those ARE my favorite colors too! LOVE red, green and yellow.
Most rooms in my house are those colors.

(Sorry Aunt Patty, you know I just love my colored, cluttered walls!)
I am convinced my BRAIN is also multi-colored with cute collections
filling every corner!!!

Since I am finding long lost goodies that I will never use- up on ETSY they go...
So if you need some cheap supplies....Go there! Or email me!

P.S. Have I mentioned my nickname is "Chatty Kathy"??

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